MAS_JULY19_PS_15_E350_Fluids_021_CS_300_V2 (1)-765x510.jpgIn order to keep your Mercedes-Benz car in great health, you probably know that giving it regular service is vital. Fortunately, a Mercedes-Benz oil change is not only inexpensive; it can also be done quickly.

The Importance of Oil Changes 

Even if you know that oil changes are essential, you may not know why exactly. Oil plays a couple of key roles within an engine. First, it's instrumental in keeping moving parts lubricated so they can function as they need to. Your oil filter also keeps particles out of the engine that can cause damage.

Why Oil Needs to Be Changed 

Unlike many fluids in your car, oil doesn’t last very long before it needs to be changed. This is because over time, it gets dirty and thick, which hurts an engine’s performance and reduces fuel economy. Waiting too long to change your oil can also result in needing a major repair or replacement. 

The Oil Change Process 

Changing oil is usually one of the easiest and quickest service tasks. It involves draining the tank of the old oil and then putting in a fresh blend. If the filter isn’t too dirty, it can also be cleaned quickly as well. Overwise, it should be replaced, and this is also pretty quick. Generally, an oil change can be done in about 20 or 30 minutes.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today 

If your car is due for an oil change, make an appointment with our service center at Mercedes-Benz of Asheville. Our trained and certified technicians will always give you quality work and get you in and out quickly. 

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